A Child Called It: Analysis of psychological trauma in a child and society

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Ap Literature

A Child called it is a book based on true experiences of the author Dave Pelzer. As a child he was physically and mentally abused by his mother. He was singled out from his siblings and things were not what a child in a loving household would go through. The traumatic effect of the abuse marked Pelzer's life. Through a psychological view it is clear that Dave Pelzer's behaviors reflected his situation with his mother.
Through a psychological point of view it is visible that there are many different ways the abuse affected Dave. As well as other abused kids are affected by child abuse, Dave was mistreated in ways that made him wonder why. In the world today there are different types of child abuse including physical, emotional, sexual and also neglect. Each form of abuse is a contribution to a child's future being unsuccessful. Dave's form of abuse was mentally, physically, and emotionally. His mother was an abusive alcoholic that did not care about his feelings or what he had to say. Through bruises and scars on his body it was found that he was being abused by his mother. Today it is known of many effects of child abuse. These are low self esteem, withdrawal from friends, insecurities, anger, poor relationships with others as well as many other things. Dave faced many if not all of the effects due to his mother's treatment toward him. The psychological scars left on his memory and even on his body will be with him for the rest of his life. Since his mom was an alcoholic he falls into the category of children who have trouble coping with problems. Also do very poor academically and are more likely to abuse their children in the future. Statistically abused children are 25 percent more likely to be teen parents. Dave only had one child and it is known he is a very good father therefore instead of becoming abusive himself, so much abuse caused him to strive to become a better person. Everything that happened in his childhood is reflected on his actions as an adult.