[UPDATE] Comparative Literature Papers--DEADLINE TODAY JUNE 15

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University of California Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal (CLUJ)
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To submit: http://ucb-cluj.org/submissions/

Call for Submissions!

The UC Berkeley Undergraduate Journal is currently accepting submissions for its inaugural Fall 2011 issue! We are looking for critical articles with subject matter that falls under the wide banner of Comparative Literature, from international literary trends to literary comparisons between two specific cultures to theoretical literary discourse. The (rolling) deadline to submit is June 15, 2011. Any undergraduate is encouraged to apply. Additional information for non-US students is at the bottom of the page.

Submission guidelines:

>> approx. 20 – 60 pages in length
>> subject matter within the scope of Comparative Literature
>> written by an undergraduate or recent graduate (graduated Fall 2010 or after)

Application instructions:

Note: There is no need to submit the cover form WITH the manuscript! If you intend to submit a manuscript, take 5 to 10 minutes to fill out the cover form to give us a heads up that we ought to be expecting your submission.

>> Fill out cover form with identifying information
>> Send cover form and electronic version of manuscript (with all identifying information deleted) in .pdf format to editor Gianna Albaum at albaum@berkeley.edu

While the deadline is in June, the Journal's staff will begin editing the manuscripts in September to prepare for the publication of our online inaugural issue in December, with articles available in .pdf format for those interested.

We are also looking for less academic writing, such as travel writing or articles written by students studying abroad, for a separate section of the journal. Specific requirements coming soon! If you have ideas regarding this section, please email Gianna Albaum at albaum@berkeley.edu.

**Information for International Students**

We realize that some universities do not have B.A. programs or have programs in which students go straight from high school to a six-year program. That's no problem! If you are coming from one of these universities, our only requirement is that you not have completed your fourth year of that program at the time of your submission. (If you are two weeks away from completing your fourth year at the time of the submission, that is fine and in many cases expected.)

Though we are primarily an English language journal, we expect to publish several foreign language submissions in each issue, so feel free to send us theses or long articles in their original language.