[REMINDER] Essay Collection: Film & Digital Adaptations of Shakespeare's The Tempest. Due: July 1, 2011

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Jennifer L. Ailles and Donald G. Moore

Essays for a forthcoming collection on Film & Digital Adaptations of Shakespeare's The Tempest

Due: July 1, 2011

Melting into Air: Film and Digital Adaptations of Shakespeare's Tempest

Edited by Jennifer L. Ailles and Donald G. Moore, Foreword by Daniel Fischlin

2011 marks the four-hundredth anniversary of Shakespeare's The Tempest. We are looking for essays to commemorate this event by reflecting on the legacy of The Tempest in film. Essays should seek to define the status of The Tempest in today's digital and socially networked world as well as explore the meaning of modern forms and adaptations of the play. How have film and the digital modes of access changed the way The Tempest circulates and influences imaginations in today's globalized entertainment market? We are seeking essays that are as rigorously theoretical as they are eminently accessible, with no particular restrictions on theme or methodology. For example, essays might explore how recent versions of The Tempest represent and respond to the following issues: empire and international politics, political upheaval, economics, violence, religious diversity, race, ecology, theatricality, gender, queer and pomosexuality, plasticity, aesthetics, the materiality of film and digital culture, temporality, fetishization, rhizomatic intersections, allegories of Otherness and its allergies, and the process of adaptation. While the focus should clearly be on film and digital adaptations of The Tempest, all essays should be historically oriented to reflect the four-hundredth anniversary of Shakespeare's last official play.

We are very interested in analyses of neglected or little-known, international, non-Western, independent, children's, music videos, television, and non-mainstream films, along with web- and cloud-based adaptations including Twitter and YouTube (i.e. "Lego Tempest").

We are also looking for a few essays that give *NEW* readings and perspectives of classic versions, from the earliest silent films to Taymor's 2010 adaptation and beyond. Think: what is new for 2011?

We have already secured several essays and are currently looking for seven to ten more to complete the project.

Completed essays should be 20-25 pages, MLA format. Include contact information and a brief 3-4 sentence biography with submission. Please email to both editors as a Word attachment to: jenniferailles@yahoo.com and mooredonaldg@gmail.com by July 1, 2011.