NeMLA March 15-18 2012 Panel: Feminist Revisions of the Sacred (DEADLINE Sept. 30th 2011)

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Jill Neziri/ Fordham University
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As Alicia Ostriker demonstrates in her final chapter of Stealing the Language, revisionist mythology is a practice that extends across cultures and centuries. In late 20th century America, second wave feminists seized upon this strategy as they sought to locate and emphasize women's roles in history, literature, mythology and sacred traditions. In particular, many feminists utilized the practice of revisionism as a means of coming to terms with the sacred and of carving out a place in both traditional and non-traditional religions for a women-centered spirituality. This panel focuses on feminist revisions of the sacred in 20th century American literature. How do women encounter, write about or re-write various conceptions of the sacred in both poetry and fiction? What are the social and cultural implications of these literary works? This panel seeks proposals for 15-20 minute presentations. Please send abstracts of 250-500 words to Jill Neziri at, subject line 'NeMLA Proposal'.