[UPDATE] Translation and Memory Workshop Conference

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The University of Portsmouth

11th Portsmouth Translation Conference


A workshop conference in collaboration with the British Comparative Literature Association

Saturday 5 November 2011
Park Building, University of Portsmouth

Keynote speakers:

Professor Bella Brodzki (Sarah Lawrence College, New York)
Dr Siobhan Brownlie (Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester)
Dr Ayman El-Desouky (School of Oriental and African Studies)

There are many points of contact between memory and translation. They exist in a set of metaphorical relationships; translation is how works live on, how they transcend borders and are remembered by subsequent generations. Memory itself can be considered a form of translation, a form of carrying across of meaning from one time and place to another. The movement of written and spoken texts across cultures, and the agents who make that possible, have a major role to play in cultural contact and renewal. Translation is fundamental to how we remember and represent the past. In translation and interpreting, text and speech are disarticulated and reconstituted, re-membered, in a different form. The translator's own memory is a key tool in the task of translating or interpreting. For the past decade or more, professional translators have been increasingly under pressure to engage with Translation Memory (TM) tools such as Trados, Déjà Vu or MemoQ, a relocation of the translator's memory with major implications for professional practice and the future of the industry.

The British Comparative Literature Association and the University of Portsmouth are delighted to announce the collaborative conference 'Translation and Memory'. We invite contributions on any aspect of the conference theme. It is our hope that, as in previous years, the conference will bring together scholars and translators in a mutually enriching dialogue. Topics might include, but are by no means limited to:

• Translation and cultural memory; translation as remembering
• Translating the past; translation history
• Translated selves: exile and memory
• Translating biography and memoir
• Translation, trauma and memorial
• Translators' lives and stories
• Memorable and forgotten translations
• Translation and forgetting
• Translation memory tools
• Translation memory, copyright and ownership
• Memory in consecutive interpreting
• Memory in translator and interpreter training

We welcome a broad range of disciplines, including Translation Studies, comparative literature, cultural studies, film and media studies and history, and approaches to translation. Presentations may have a theoretical, empirical, critical, pedagogical, technological or professional focus. Proposals for practical workshops are warmly welcomed, e.g. for instance, workshops on translating memoir and autobiography; interpreting exercises; TM software workshops.

Enquiries and/or abstracts of 300 words should be sent by 30 June 2011 to:

Dr Margaret Anne Clarke
School of Languages and Area Studies
Park Building
King Henry I street

A special issue of a refereed journal will follow the conference.