Imagining New Lives, Imaging New Relationships in Nineteenth-Century America

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Maureen McCarthy/South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference

This session seeks to explore representations in poetry, prose, and discourse that reflect changes in nineteenth-century American society--not just what was happening but what was possible. How were writers depicting alternative social constructions and relationships? What were the established limitations and where in literature can we see writers challenging these traditional conventions? Papers might include primary archival research, literary analysis, and multi-disciplinary approaches that address the work of nineteenth-century writers and intellectuals. Presentations could examine alternative conceptions in interpersonal relationships (platonic, romantic, professional, etc.), as well as the relationship of individuals to social institutions. In addition, scholarly work in race relations, women's circles, educational spaces, and access to the public forum are also welcome. By July 30, 2011, please send paper abstracts of 300 to 500 words to Maureen McCarthy, Emory University, at