Transnational, Global, and/or World Literatures? Charting the Integration of Comparative Praxis in the Humanities; 3/15-18/2012

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Katie Yankura, Michael Swacha

What is meant by the term "transnational literature," and how, if at all, would we characterize it as distinct from or interchangeable with the term "world literature?" What pedagogical and institutional concerns are at stake in these terms? This roundtable aims to foster a meta-conversation concerning the recent turn in the humanities towards "transnational," "world," and "global" approaches. Such issues have gathered attention in recent years as literature programs seek alternate modes of critical practice in a globalizing world, as language programs face institutional consolidation, and as the humanities in general attempt to chart new ground in order to remain "relevant" in a shifting academic climate. In light of these concerns, this roundtable seeks papers that address questions such as: How might transnational and global approaches move the humanities towards new horizons in scholarship? How might such approaches help the humanities out of the current institutional crisis, particularly in distinct language and literature departments? Of what pedagogical concerns must we be vigilant when bringing comparative and transnational approaches into our classrooms? Papers that engage pedagogical, institutional, and/or theoretical issues surrounding the uses, distinctions, and linking of "transnational" and "world literatures" are encouraged. This roundtable is to be held at the 2012 NeMLA Convention in Rochester, NY on March 15-18 ( Please forward abstracts of 200-300 words to either Michael Swacha, or Katie Yankura,