[UPDATE] out of print, the evolution of twentieth-century writing, Friday 16 September 2011

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School of Literature & Creative Writing, University of East Anglia, UK

The conference will explore all aspects of the theme to ask: Why are some writers neglected? How can we read the position and problem of writing that is no longer published? What is at stake during the movement from page to other mediums? With the dawn of the kindle, what about the materiality of books, journals, newspapers? Has the role of small imprints changed, and what are the implications of print on demand? What happens at the margins of the printed? Rediscovery of neglected writing, the re-branding of second-hand books as desirable retro objects and an ever increasing number of film and television adaptations bring questions of the legacy and future of twentieth-century writing into ever-sharper focus. The conference aims to bring together postgraduates, academics and publishers to examine the wide variety of ways that writing comes to be 'out of print'.
Introductory Address: Prof. Sarah Churchwell (UEA).
Keynote Speakers: Prof. Jan Montefiore (University of Kent) and Dr Nick Turner (Manchester Metropolitan University).
Publishers' Panel: Nicola Beauman (Persephone Books), Alexis Kirschbaum (Penguin Modern Classics) and TBC.
Plenary Chair: Prof. Lyndsey Stonebridge (UEA).
Registration now open. Please visit the website for further details, including abstracts.


Registration Deadline: Monday 5 September 2011