Conference on the Black Experience, February 6-9th, 2012."Celebrations of Black Women in American History and Culture"

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Paine College
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"Celebrations of Black Women in American History and Culture"
Paine College; Contact email:

The Black History Month Committee at Paine College is requesting proposals for the annual Conference on the Black Experience to be held on the campus of historic Paine College
February 6-9th, 2012.

In keeping with the national theme, the 2012 conference will celebrate and explore contributions to the amalgam of history in the Americas, in particular North America, made by women of African Ancestry. We will examine the critical roles played by Africana women and how those roles have shaped the characteristic spirit of American culture. Areas of examination include but are not limited to:
• Africana Women's Artistic And Literary Contributions
• Biographical Studies Of African American Women Leaders
• Black Women In Academia
• Black Women's Role In Retaining Traditional Culture
• Our Classroom Has Been Everywhere; Black Women In Education
• Organizing Strategies; From Defiance and Resistance to the Black Feminism
• Beyond Survival To Upliftment; Contemporary Methods For Black Women Empowerment
• Black Women's Impact on National and International Reproductive Justice Policy
• The Psychology of Africana Women: Research, Theory and Application
• Black Women's Religious And Spiritual Leadership
• Black Women's Health Movements
• Africana Women's Worldview, Ideology and Politics
• The Influence of African American Women's Organizations

Proposals/abstracts are encouraged from all disciplines to reflect the broad impact of Black women's contribution to the socio- economic, psychosocial, and political development of the Americas.
Abstracts are sought in three categories:
• Professors, Independent scholars, and Cultural Workers
• Graduate Students
• Undergraduate students
Submission requirement: Individual proposals/abstracts should be no more than 250 words and panel abstracts should be more than 750 words. Please demonstrate a clear explanation as to the significance of the presentation to the conference theme. Be sure to indicate the status of all participants, (professor, independent scholar, cultural worker, student) and tentative title/focus of the panel and/or individual presentation. Poster presentations are also welcome.

Abstracts are to be submitted no later than Wednesday, November 9th, 2011. Early submissions are encouraged in order to ensure capacity and participation. Submit to: or
Dr. Adeleri Onisegun
Chair, Department of Social Sciences
1235 15th Street
Augusta, GA 30901