Call for Papers: Race, Ethnicity, Land Ownership and Tenure. (Deadline: November 1, 2011)

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The Kirwan Institute: Race/Ethnicity Multidisciplinary Global Contexts
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Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Contexts encourages and welcomes contributions by scholars, researchers, grassroots activists, policy advocates, and organizations.

UN-Habitat, The United Nations Human Settlements Programme, concluded that more than one billion people live without any security of tenure in informal settlements in "developing" countries. The historic basis for this insecure land tenure system is varied.

Topics of inquiry can include but are not limited to:
•How race relations impact the accessibility to land and land distribution in marginalized communities.

•How ethnic minorities define their rights and access to land in the age of economic neoliberalism and market fundamentalism.

•Have land deals, as experienced in many African countries, for example, undermined or increased social stratification in terms of class, gender, and ethnicity?

•How is the current trajectory of land grabs changing the nature of land use and land rights and the structural balance of production, social norms, and gender roles?

•Have the large-scale land acquisitions by foreign investors in many countries of the Global South assembled racialized processes of foreign direct investments?

Papers must be received by November 1, 2011 to be considered for publication in this issue.

Please send manuscript publications to the managing editor: Leslie Shortlidge See Style Guidelines at

Submission of artwork for the cover that relates to the theme of the issue is welcome. See website for submission guidelines.