"Abject Blackness" abstracts due by 9/15/2012, completed papers by 11/15/2012

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Ellesia Blaque / Banned Books
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Banned Books is seeking select papers for an upcoming scholarly text: Abject Blackness: The Tangled Weave of Ethnicity and Nationality in the Hispanic American Community.

Why does a Dominican student, who shares not only physical features, but also the history of enslavement with African Americans, feel compelled to daily remind associates and peers he is not black? Why does a self-identified Afro-Puerto Rican support the idea that he is not connected to Africa and/or African American history? How do Hispanics, particularly among Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and Cubans, negotiate forced American racial identities and paradigms, while also sharing geographical, public, cultural, and historical spaces with their enslaved cousins, African Americans? Watching people of color shuffle identity and culture in America's schools, neighborhoods, educational facilities, marketplaces, and political spheres is an observance of negotiations within an Ethnic Interstice‚ÄĒethnic spaces that are confusing at best, always chaotic, and over time, becoming historically erased. Hispanic, African American, and Native Indian identities are permanently linked by history, slavery, genealogy, culture, community, economy, and policy, all of which are affected, but none of which are controlled by the members of these various ethnic groups.

"Abject Blackness" seeks to answer these questions and offer various position on this American phenomena. Submit abstracts in MLA 7th edition format by September 15, 2012 to Dr. Ellesiia Blaque, Banned Books editor, at bannedbooks@live.edu. Final drafts due by November 15, 2012.