Second Call for Submissions to Genres in Transit: Rethinking Genre in Contemporary Cinemas

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Silvia Dibeltulo

Genre filmmaking has been and continues to be a defining feature of cinema worldwide. Film critics and historians have produced a wealth of scholarly work on classical Hollywood and World Cinema genres. Recently, scholars have addressed issues of contemporary genre filmmaking; such research has tended to avoid a comparative approach to Hollywood and national cinemas, treating them largely as distinct systems of production. However, the increasingly globalized and transnational nature of contemporary filmmaking has opened up a space for the development of new approaches to and discourses surrounding film genre theory.
This edited collection of essays will explore issues within contemporary genre filmmaking with a particular emphasis on the intersection between conventional modes of production and new transnational practices.
We welcome submissions of essays of 6,000-8,000 words on topics including (but not limited to):
▪ The relationship between classical Hollywood and contemporary Hollywood genres
▪ The relationship between traditional and contemporary generic filmmaking practices in European and World Cinemas
▪ Iterations of classical Hollywood genres within national cinemas
▪ Independent film and its relationship to genre
▪ Genre cinema and its interactions with digital media and culture
▪ Genre theory and history
▪ Association of specific genres with gender, race and/or ethnicity
▪ Issues of production, distribution, exhibition, censorship and reception of genre films
▪ Performance and star persona in genre cinema

Submissions, and a brief biography, should be sent in Word format to by 15 October 2012, following this order:
a) author(s), b) affiliation, c) email address, d) title of submission, e) body of essay, f) biography.