Women Film Directors of Asia - AAS 2013 (San Diego, USA)- Abstracts due on 7/30

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Dr. Mantra Roy and Dr. Aparajita Sengupta
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This panel will examine films directed by women from different countries of Asia. Considering the recent changes inflecting Asian society at large, our panel intends to explore how cinemas made by women in different parts of Asia engage with critical perception and representation of women in the context of globalization, financial independence, patriarchy, marriage, and religion. We are also interested in Asian films directed by men that examine women's lives and roles in contemporary Asia.
How do women film directors from different Asian countries respond to women's positions in dynamic societies that are in the midst of radical changes? For example, how should we understand inter-gender relationships in China in Jin Yimeng's Sophie's Revenge (2009)?
How do these directors define women's identities in societies where traditional notions of patriarchy co-exist with Westernized lifestyles and thought? How does Aparna Sen in India, for example, examine housewives of two generations in Paromitar Ek Din (2000)? How do films by women directors address issues of sexuality, gender politics and power?
How do the directors respond to the influence of religion on women's lives in different political zones of Asia? How do we discuss women's potential in a fundamentalist society with respect to, say, Iranian director Samira Makhmalbaf's At Five in the Afternoon (2003)? Overall, the panel welcomes papers that explore the specificities of women's realities in Asia in the wider continental context of contemporary social and economic changes.
Please email 250-300 word abstracts to Aparajita Sengupta at apsgupta@gmail.com and Mantra Roy at docmantra@gmail.com by July 30.