Valencia (Spain) 24-25 January, 2013 - International Symposium THE ECONOMIC CRISIS: TIME FOR A PARADIGM SHIFT

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Business Systems Laboratory - Sociedad Espanola de Sistemas Generales - International Academy for Systems and Cybernetics Sciences

The Symposium aims to address the causes and reasons of the actual economic crisis from the economic, financial, managerial and entrepreneurial perspectives.
In particular the symposium will focus on the epistemological, theoretical, methodological, technical and practical contributions of the systemic approach from a disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspective (finance, management, engineering, economics, etc.) to shape an agenda to address the present global economic and social crisis.
The official language of the conference is English and the conference is structured into 4 panels, each one lasting about 4 hours.
January 24: 16,30 pm - 20,30 pm
January 25: 9,30 am - 19,30 pm

- Panel I – The economics perspective of the crisis. A Systems approach to overcome the new challenges
- Panel II – Systems thinking in Business science. A need for a paradigm shift
- Panel III –Financial systems and the economic crisis. Challenges and Solutions proposal
- Panel IV - [Corporate] Social Responsibility. An Approach to Overcome the Crisis. (Special Panel managed by Prof. Matjaz Mulej - IASCYS)
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