Women's Ethos: Intersections of Rhetorics and Feminisms-Nov. 1, 2012

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Rebecca Jones, Nancy Myers, Kathleen Ryan
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Call for Chapter Proposals

We invite chapter proposals of 500 words for the volume with the working title, Women's Ethos: Intersections of Rhetorics and Feminisms. Women's Ethos seeks contributions that examine women's and feminist ethos as rhetorical praxis. Rejecting a singular, isolated notion of ethos, we characterize ethos as intersubjective and constructed. Women's Ethos considers anew the inventive ways diverse women and other minorities have constructed, currently embody, and might imagine ethos in the future.

Our interest in creating this collection stems from our belief that the relationship between rhetorical practices and women's ethos has been under-explored historically, theoretically, and practically. While scholars like Nedra Reynolds, Susan Jarratt, Kimberley Harrison, Coretta Pittman, and Patricia Bizzell have written articles about women and ethos or feminism and ethos, much more needs to be said. This collection builds on existing work to develop a sustained discussion of the unique methods and contexts in which women's rhetorical ethos is constructed, negotiated, and revised. At this time, no single collection focuses on women's ethos as rhetorical theory and practice; thus, the goal is to provide a response to shifts in the discipline, especially those related to women's ethos as it supports agency, and to add to the larger disciplinary discussion of ethos.

We see this volume as a site for considering the myriad ways women rhetors and feminist rhetoricians redefine, construct, and interpret ethos. As Nan Johnson states in her 1984 "Ethos and the Aims of Rhetoric," "A look backward at this philosophical inheritance is, simultaneously, a look forward to how the state of our own art will predispose those who follow us." With this scope in mind, we seek proposals that address these possible topics, or intersections among them, as they relate to women's ethos or feminist ethos:

Scientific or biological

We think this collection will be useful for undergraduate and graduate students in rhetoric and women's studies. Senior scholars in rhetoric can learn about feminist perspectives on ethos to help them rethink their own scholarship. Feminist scholars can benefit from new scholarship on ethos as they pursue their research and as they craft their own ethos.

By 1 November 2012, please submit 500-word proposals and contact information to Rebecca Jones at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (Rebecca-Jones01@utc.edu), Nancy Myers at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (nancymyers@uncg.edu), and Kathleen Ryan at the University of Montana at Missoula (kathleen.ryan@mso.umt.edu). Acceptances will be notified in December and completed drafts will be due by 1 May 2013.