[UPDATE] Ecomasculinities (deadline extended)

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Michael G. Cornelius / Wilson College
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Call for papers


Editors: Michael G. Cornelius, Ph.D.
John Elia, Ph.D.
Larry T. Shillock, Ph.D.

A scholarly treatment of the issue of Ecomasculinities is currently being compiled.

For more than a century, feminist critical practices have produced important insights into gender, ethnicity, class, social policy, and culture. Since 1974, when Françoise d'Euabonne coined the term ecofeminism, ecofeminist and ecological feminists have linked the patriarchal subjugation of women to ecological degradation. Their enduring work has subverted essentialisms and pointed to alternative constructions of gender and the environment. By contrast, little work has been done in examining the positive relationships that have obtained between environmentalism and masculinity. With the advent of green-based men's coalitions and pop cultural movements focusing on craft and craftsmanship, the time has come for proponents of ecological studies to explore how masculinity may contribute to today's environmental awareness.

To that end, the editors seek essays that consider how men have approached nature historically, construct nature or the environment today, and imagine how new ecomasculinities may contribute to ecoawareness. To encourage an array of work from academic, first-person, and movement perspectives, the editors wish to leave the definition of the project open. Essay subjects include, but are not limited to,

• Theoretical dialectics / exegeses between versions of ecofeminism and ecomasculinity
• Historical accounts focused on how masculinity in general and men in particular have contributed to ecological progress
• Past masculine practices that are being repurposed in sustainable ways today
• Emerging forms of masculinity with special promise for generating future ecological change
• Popular culture interpretations and evocations of ecomasculinities
• Ecomasculine interpretations or reinterpretations of men's movements, associations, or fields of study and influence
• Analyses of men's guilds, craft practices, and social activities
• Explorations of traditional and/or emerging ethical theories or theorists in relationship to masculinity and the environment
• Discussions of ecomasculinity in action, including areas such as activism, law, or social policy
• Critical engagements with ecomasculinity in religious or literary texts, whether by authors, characters, dystopian/utopian philosophies, or practices

All essays should be between 4000-7000 words. Deadline for essays is 1 December 2012. Contributors may send abstracts of up to 500 words to Michael at the contact information below for feedback, but only full papers can be evaluated for acceptance into the collection. Please contact Michael in regards to the style sheet for this project prior to submitting your essay. Use this same address for any questions you may have concerning the project as well.

The editors: Michael G. Cornelius is the author/editor of fourteen books, including four previous collections for McFarland Press, three works for Chelsea House, and several works of fiction. He is chair of the Department of English and Mass Communications at Wilson College.

John Elia is chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Wilson College. He teaches courses in environmental ethics, food ethics, and bioethics. His previous work in ethics and applied ethics has appeared in both journals and book collections, including recent work in the genre of pop culture and philosophy.

Larry T. Shillock is a long-time contractor and solar energy proponent. An assistant academic dean at Wilson College, he was recently promoted to Professor of English. He divides his time between Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, where he works, and a home outside of Yellowstone Park, where he lives. His research interests include critical theory, the history of affect, the modern novel, and classical Hollywood cinema.

Michael G. Cornelius, Ph.D.
Department of English and Mass Communications
Wilson College
1015 Philadelphia Ave
Chambersburg, PA 17201 USA