Politicized (Re)Productions of Gender

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Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture

Politicized (Re)Productions of Gender
Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture, Vol. 13 No. 3, 2013
Michael Johnson Jr. and Bruce Drushel (Eds.)

For this special issue of Reconstruction we are looking for authors to contribute article length essays to answer the question "How has gender evolved in contemporary American society, and if so, in what unique, specific ways is it (re)produced?" As critical cultural scholars, the examination of how gender is performed, perpetuated, and interpellated in today's politically fragmented environment is desperately necessary and timely. The editors are interested in the distinctly different, but parallel issues of how masculinity and femininity (in their hegemonic and non-normative examples) are (re)produced in contemporary American society. This special issue encourages authors to examine linkages between historical, geographical and current movements for change, and to capitalize on a new momentum that has emerged in relation to discourses of gender and power. We encourage authors to think anew about the ways in which cisgendered constructions and bodies have influenced attempts to renegotiate power paradigms and to consider how our historical past informs the future as we extend our concepts of freedom within the context of our nation. Potential themes for papers include, but are not limited to: labor activism, civil rights, environmental activism, developments in feminist theory, participants in government, foreign policy, protest organizations, LGBTQ activism, religious and spiritual interests, reproductive rights, anti-war activity or pacifism, and the development of gendered strategies against sexualized and racialized violence.

Thus, this special issue solicits both new and established authors, across all disciplinary origins, using both hybrid and collaborative methodologies who are willing to commit to seriously analyze both the issues above and corollary subjects germane to the question posed. Authors are requested to submit a 500 word abstract first, with complete contact information to: mjohnso9@wsu.edu. Submission of an abstract indicates a commitment to publish an essay of no less than 2000 words (though more is welcome), conforming to the formatting and citation style requirements of the journal. Abstracts will be accepted until we have achieved our publication target, but no later than November 24th, 2012. Complete drafts will be due by May 24th, 2012 with an anticipated publication date of July 13th, 2013.

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Michael Johnson Jr. Bruce E. Drushel, Ph.D., Associate Professor
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