The Landscape of the West/PCA/ACA (March 27-30, 2013)

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Tina Arduini / Bowling Green State University
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Call for Papers: The Landscape of the West
PCA/ACA (March 27-30, 2013)
Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association
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The Western landscape is notorious for rolling prairies, wide open skies, barren desert, and more. It defines our American concepts about "the frontier" by providing us with glimpses that go beyond the horizon and engage with the cultural constructs of Manifest Destiny and imperialism. From notions of the ³Wild West² to records of and experiences from Native American Reservations, the West helps to create a sense of our national identity that is both proud and culpable. Popular media has glamorized, demonized, and recognized this setting as a part of our shared history, leaving us to ask the question, "why?" What is it about the geography of the American West that appeals to our society and has maintained "the Western" as a profitable and popular genre?

Because the frontier landscape frequently juxtaposes ideas about desolation and beauty, survival and hope, or violence and pleasure, we are left with a fractured notion about what the West really means. We invite contributions from scholars who seek to situate themselves within these Western tropes that deal with physical or metaphorical landscapes. High value will be given to papers that deal with the following media: television, novels, comic books, graphic novels, and other visual images outside of film and videogames.

If interested in this panel, please submit a 150-word proposal to April Conway or Tina Arduini by November 5.