DEADLINE EXTENDED to 11/7: ASLE 2013 Panel CFP for "The Truth of Ecology: Ecology's Current Place in Ecocriticism"

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Ashley E. Reis
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The Truth of Ecology: Ecology's Current Place in Ecocriticism
In his 2003 work, The Truth of Ecology, Dana Phillips observes, "ecocriticism has been lamentably under-informed by science studies, philosophy of science, environmental history, and ecology" (ix). "Ecocriticism," he argues, "cannot afford to ignore [these disciplines]" (ix). Phillips asserts further, "a satisfactory account of literature's relation to nature and culture can only be offered from a theoretically adventurous and conscientiously interdisciplinary perspective" (ix).

In light of the ten-year anniversary of the book's publication and in response to Phillips' call to better align ecocriticism and ecological studies, this panel—on which Phillips will serve as a respondent—will present the most current ecocritical responses to his challenge for a more ecologically rigorous form of literary criticism. Overall, this panel will provide models for the kind of crucial, ecocritical work that Phillips suggests may help the field to "rediscover, to complicate, and hence to redefine [ecocriticism]" as more than just a form of literary study that tropes borrowed, ecological vocabulary and calls it "ecological criticism" (ix). Dwelling in the space between literature and ecology, ideally this panel will what ecocriticism offers ecologists, too: what do literature and other humanities-driven environmental studies offer ecology in its present state, with its current interests in coupled human-natural systems and social-ecological models? After all, literature is a cultural product, laden with social undertones that can offer both ecocritics and ecologists a glimpse into the environmental imagination, frozen in time, and ripe for observation and analysis.

Please send a 300-word abstract and a brief C.V. to Ashley Reis at by THE EXTENDED DEADLINE OF Wednesday, November 7. Deadline for panel proposals is November 15, 2012.

Please visit for conference details and information.

Note: Complete papers will be due Friday, April 19, 2013 so that Dana Phillips will have time to engage with them and formulate responses.