[UPDATE] Moveable Feasts: Hemingway's Posthumous Work

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James M. Hutchisson
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Manuscripts are solicited for a new collection of original essays on Hemingway's posthumous works: A Moveable Feast, Islands in the Stream, The Garden of Eden, True at First Light, Under Kilimanjaro, stories, and journalism/essays. Interested scholars might also consider any newly accessioned series of correspondence between Hemingway and others, particularly in the JFK collection, that might be thought to comprise a "narrative" of its own and cast light on his writing style, fictional preoccupations, etc.

Any approaches will be considered, although there is a special interest in working with compositional history, editing and revision, both by Hemingway and by editors, friends, and others after his death.

Another avenue to explore might be the way in which themes of his fiction or areas of his life are given a different slant in the posthumous works, either as a result of Hemingway's own composition and revision or of others' editing of his texts. Such topics might include but not be limited to: his conception of himself as natural historian or as teacher/mentor; his interest in medicine, disease, and illness; his interest in art and relationships with such figures as Miro, et al.; and his politics.

Interested contributors should send queries and/or 350-word abstracts to hutchissonj@Citadel.edu or by snail mail to: James M. Hutchisson, Department of English, The Citadel, 171 Moultrie Street, Charleston, SC, 29409. Faxes can also be received at 843-953-1881.