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Class, race, sexuality, and religion are major themes in the work of Richard Rodriguez, and of the polarization of the political body today. How do we read Rodriguez in the current context of polarized politics, trickle down economic ideology, gay marriage debates, anti-immigrant legislation (in states such as Arizona, Utah, and Alabama), voting one's religious values rather than for one's class interests, and anti-government and anti-social program sentiments in an age of fiscal austerity?

Beyond this more narrowly focused theme, this panel also invites papers on any topic or treatment of how we read Richard Rodriguez today. Potential themes about Rodriguez and his work include, but are not limited to: ethnicity, religion, assimilation, immigration, class struggle, class mobility, sexual identity, identity politics, multiethnic identities, gender/masculinity, language/bilingualism, sociohistorical context, stylistic and rhetorical analysis, Rodriguez's journalist work, and the context of Chicana/o and Latina/o studies today. Send 200-500 word abstract to Michael Garcia:

DEADLINE: November 30, 2012

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