International Journal of Applied Information Systems (IJAIS) invites contributions for SPECIAL ISSUE on "Cloud Computing"

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Call for Special Issue on Cloud Computing
International Journal of Applied Information Systems (IJAIS) invites contributions for SPECIAL ISSUE on "Cloud Computing"

Guest Editor: Riktesh Srivastava

PhD, Skyline University College, Sharjah, UAE.
AIM of Special Issue - CFP Open

Cloud computing is the newest attempt in providing computing assets as a service. It characterizes a swing away from computing as a product, to, computing as a service, which is supplied over the internet from extensive data centers or "clouds". The purpose of the proposed special issue of IJAIS will be to deliver methodical appraisal of peer-reviewed research and further aims to provide an overview of the promptly developing advances in the technical practicalities of cloud computing. The foremost aim of the proposed special issue will be structured along the technical aspects on the cloud agenda; developments in the overview of protocols, interfaces, and standards; procedures for modeling and building clouds; and new use-cases arising through cloud computing.

It have got to be distinguished that the voluminous characteristics of Cloud Computing are still in an investigational phase and there are plenty of as yet unpredicted experiments arise from exploiting the cloud competencies to their full prospective, concerning in certain features originating from the large amount of scalability and heterogeneity of resources. The proposed special issue of IJAIS can thereby be an essential platform for the researchers to discriminate between technological gaps on the one hand, that need to be bolted in order to apprehend cloud infrastructures that achieve the explicit cloud characteristics and non-technological distress on the other hand that in particular minimizes acceptance and sustainability of cloud systems.

The technological characteristics of Cloud Computing can be related to:

1) Scale and elastic scalability: Cloud computing is not only limited to horizontal scale out, but also be ineffective as it inclines to resource over usage due to restricted scale down proficiencies and complete replication of occurrences rather than only of necessary segments. 2) Trust, security and privacy issues: Trust, security and privacy always pose concerns in any form of ISP, due to the explicit nature of clouds, added facets associated to multitenancy ascends and thus, switch over data location upsurges. 3) Data handling complications: As data magnitude and multiplicity grows, uncontaminated replication is not an appropriate and feasible approach, foremost to constancy and efficiency concerns. Add to the concerns, the deficient control over data locality and mislaid attribution poses precautions and legalistic problems. 4) Programming models for Cloud Computing: Programming models for Cloud Computing are at present not allied to extremely scalable application and thus do not take advantage of the competences of clouds, whilst they should also abridge development. Along the same line, developers, providers and users should be able to manage and confine sharing and scaling behavior of the cloud. 5) Systems Development and Management (SDM): SDM is presently still executed generally manually, thus causative to significant competence and blockage issues.

On the other hand, non-technological questions pertaining to Cloud computing plays a foremost job in apprehending the technological facets and in ensuring feasibility of the infrastructures in the initial case.

The non-technological characteristics of Cloud Computing can be related to: 1) Economic Aspects of Cloud Computing: Economic characteristics of Cloud computing includes awareness about why and when to use cloud systems and how it impacts on the original infrastructure as the lasting familiarities is deficient in all these areas. 2) Legalistic issues: Legal matter arises from the dynamic conduct of the clouds, their scalability and the moderately imprecise legislative concerns of the internet policies. The paper can include issues allied to data security and intellectual property rights. 3) Green IT: As principally agreed by various researchers around the globe that cloud offers "Green Capabilities" by plummeting superfluous power expenditure, provided good scaling activities and excellent economic models are used in implementing the Cloud Computing.

Topics for this Special Issue included but not limited to:

Scale and elastic scalability
Trust, security and privacy issues
Data handling complications
Programming models for Cloud Computing
Systems Development and Management (SDM)
Economic Aspects of Cloud Computing
Legalistic issues of Cloud Computing
Green IT
Important Dates:

Last Date for Full Paper Submission: March 01, 2013
Paper Acceptance Notification: April 01, 2013
Submission of Revised Final Papers: April 15, 2013
IJAIS Publication Date: May 01, 2013

Authors are requested to submit the manuscripts to bearing the subject line "IJAIS Special Issue on Cloud Computing". A copy of the same must also be sent to