UPDATE: Adaptation (film, literature, new media)

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Deadline Extended to Dec 7th.

As usual, papers on any and all aspects of adaptation will be considered. If you're interested in novel to film adaptations, short story to television adaptations, film to novel adaptations, stage play to radio adaptations, theme park attraction to film adaptations, video game to blog adaptations, or any other kind of adaptation you can think of then kindly submit them!

This year we are particularly interested in "cultural adaptations." But you may want to imagine "culture" as a fairly broad category. Bakhtin argues that any time an author includes a distinct voice in a work of art then aspects of culture cannot help but follow. When Sally Hays tells Holden Caulfield that "There'll be oodles of marvelous places to go," readers almost instantly know something about her as a person and as member of a particular class. In other words, her culture begins to show. How have adaptors dealt with these cultural aspects of particular works, particularly as those works have been adapted for different audiences, time periods, and countries?

As always, we consider "adaptation" a way of looking at texts more than a particular brand of texts. Thus we welcome papers on video game adaptations, new media adaptations, literature to literature adaptations, and radio adaptations along with film adaptations. Papers on any and all aspects of adaptation will be considered.

ALL PROPOSALS AND ABSTRACTS MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE PCA DATABASE http://pcaaca.org/national-conference-2/proposing-a-presentation-at-the-