The CEA Critic solicits articles on "The Idea of the West." Deadline 4/23/2013

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The CEA Critic
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The University of Northern Colorado is the new home of The CEA Critic, the journal of the College English Association. The University is located in Greeley, Colorado, a city named for famed journalist Horace Greeley, who popularized (although was not the first to utter) the injunction, "Go West, young man!" For Greeley, and for so many others before and after him, the West has been a location both literal and figurative. For this issue, the new editors solicit essays that investigate, reflect on, seek to define, or look to challenge the notion of the West as it is addressed in any mode or genre of text.

Submissions, in MS Word format, should be sent to Please submit two copies, one with the author's name and affiliation and one without any author identification. In addition, please include, in your correspondence, an abstract of your paper and a statement that the manuscript is not under consideration elsewhere. Please also indicate if you are a graduate student. We welcome submissions for graduate students and seek to publish one paper by a graduate student in each issue.
Additional guidelines for submission are available on our website:

Please note: The CEA Critic will publish only articles by members of the College English Association. Non-members are welcome to submit but must join the CEA in order for accepted submissions to be published.

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