Science and Literature Panel-RMMLA 2013 Vancouver, Washington

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Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association (RMMLA)
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The Literature and Science session of the RMMLA invites interpretive
papers focusing on science and its intersection with written
methods of transmission. They might include the reuse of
scientific matter in literary forms; the relationship of
individual writers to science and of certain scientists to
literary figures of their day; the combination of scientific
and literary methods of knowledge making. Papers focusing on
the representation or integration of science in specific
literary texts are especially encouraged. However, proposals
dealing with any aspect of the interdisciplinary field of
literature and science are welcome.

Tensions or convergences between literary theory and scientific method
Applications of scientific method to literature
Applications of literary theory to science
Science as a literary theme
Scientific metaphors
The nature of the literary object
The current state of literary theory
Science fiction
Utopian studies
Evolutionary theory and evo-criticsm
Cognitive science
The philosophy or politics of science
Literature and material culture
Issues of genre and gender between literature and science
Reflections on reading science
Any other issues that concern the relationship between literature and science

Please submit 250 word abstracts of papers electronically,
either in the body of the email or as an attachment in .doc
format, by March 1, 2012 to:

Ira Walker (
Session Chair, Literature and Science Panel
Louisiana State University
School of Library and Information Science
Sigma Tau Delta