Romantic Circulations, a panel at (dis)junctions Graduate Conference, Apr 5-6. DEADLINE Feb 11

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University of California, Riverside

This panel invites submissions dealing with any aspect of circulation, distribution and discovery in the Romantic period. With the conference theme of 'encounters' and the the proliferation of global/local exchange in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries in mind, the notion of cosmopolitanism, as addressing sites and narratives of encounter between the center and the periphery or the periphery and the center, offers one way of approaching these concerns. Scholars are also encouraged to not only concentrate on encounters in the metropol, but on the circulating natures of the people, information, art and technology that structure and mediate encounters both at home and abroad - and that destabilize from what point of view "at home" and "abroad" are considered. However, while voyages of discovery offer one fruitful area for such encounters, so do travel narratives of the continent, accounts or narratives of revolution and war, staged encounters with(in) museums, with(in) poems, novels, encyclopedias or with(in) art. How do questions of publication, literacy and the distribution of texts both private and public enter into this discussion? Where and how, and in what forms do we see encounters manifesting or explored? Papers might address various fields of knowledge, from the literary, scientific and social to the political. Papers might also consider encounters between these fields of knowledge. For example, how do questions of science and literature meet? How are technologies of travel, writing or vision interacting? The question of evidence might arise; what are the remnants of such encounters? Are they sites of cooperation or struggle?

Abstracts of 250-300 words should be submitted at or mailed to no later than Feburary 11th, 2013.

This is a panel call for the 20th Annual (dis)junctions Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate Conference at the University of California, Riverside. This year's general theme "encountering with(in) texts," examines the impact of situatedness, unexpectedness, and/or unpreparedness on "face to text" encounters with media objects, embodied encounters negotiated through or overdetermined by texts, and representations of "encountering" within texts. Please visit for more information on this year's theme, our other subject and discipline specific panel calls, and Keynote Speaker Dr. Nicholas Mirzeoff.