THIRD CALL FOR POPOSALS - revue Artéfact. Theme : The Art-house cinema

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revue Artéfact


Theme : "Films and authors, The art-house cinema"

After a successful launch of our second issue, The pornographisation of pop culture (, the main idea for third edition is the art-house cinema. Product of experiences of authors, the art-house cinema goes beyond its meaning and the intellectual elitism that it has always surrounded. According to Louichon Brigitteand Jerome Roger (L'auteur entre biographie et mythographie) "cultural connotations play an important role in author's style." Indeed, it's easy to find the references to various elements of popular, minority or marginal cultures, elements that are within cultural studies. What is the art-house cinema? What is its aesthetic and cultural approach? What are the references and the meanings of that film genre? Why is it so hard to fit in likings of general public, even if these stories are close to us? To understand this particular genre our next issue will explore the art-house cinema from the past to the present.

Wishing to generate a real dialogue on this phenomenon, Artéfact encourages artists, reserchers, and art lovers to submit their essays, photos, drawings and other works dedicated to the main subject or regarding any other topic (for the sections cinema, portraits, literature and music). Feel free to look into the main idea of that issue literally, metaphorically or theoretically.

Artéfact is an online magazine (quarterly-bilingual) based on our fascination of art, reportage and multicultural society. Our purpose is to get people involved in discussing, sharing ideas and showing their point of view. Our ambition is to create a platform of communication between artists and general public.

To participate, send us samples (in French or English) to the e-mail address

Deadline: February 15, 2013

We're looking for:

• Revievs: (in French and/or English) of 4 000 to 6 000 words, *.rtf or *.doc files,

• Stories (7 000 to 10 000 words), short stories or poems (not longer than 1 500 words)

• Books' reviews: not longer than 5 000 words, spaces included, *.rtf ot *.doc files,

• Photos (*.jpeg) or drawings (*.jpeg, *.doc) in proper display resolution (300 dpi).

Every sample of work should include:

1. complete title and brief presentation of author,
2. short review (100-200 words), bilingual if possible,
3. bibliography,
4. Permission to use it in Artefact.

Your work won't be published if:

• is a coryright theft,
• presents false facts,
• is not precise nor concise,
• includes defamation,
• includes elements of pornography,
• includes elements of hate, racism, sexism or homophoby,
• is advertisement.

Authors will be notified by e-mail of the refusal of publication and its reason.