On the Road: Pilgrims and Fellow-Travellers

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Christian Literary Studies Group
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Corpus Christi College, Oxford
Saturday 2 November 2013
Conference webpage: http://www.clsg.org/html/conference.html

Call for papers, deadline 31 May
Although pilgrims were originally no more than wanderers or travellers, journeys with spiritual significance have long been undertaken and narrated. The idea of travelling with a spiritual intent, found in the Bible, has been modified and applied in many ways since Constantine's mother Helena visited Biblical sites in the early 4th century. John Bunyan's protagonist was counter-cultural in that pilgrimage was regarded as discredited when he wrote his allegory. But the theme lives, or marches on in secular writing.

Offers of papers to be read at the conference, and subsequently printed in The Glass, are invited before the deadline 31 May 2013. Papers will focus on Christian topics and should have a reading length of 25 minutes. Time will allow up to five papers to be presented during the day. Please send a provisional title and short paragraph (an abstract isn't expected of something not yet written) stating how you will approach your topic, adding some information about your background, to Dr Roger Kojecký: secretary@clsg.org

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