Third Annual General Education Alliance Conference, "Blueprints for Educating Underrepresented Students," May 29-30, 2013

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Hosted by HBCU-General Education Alliance, Inc.
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Call for Papers

Third Annual General Education Alliance Conference
May 29-30, 2013
Downtown Sheraton, Raleigh, North Carolina
Theme: Blueprints for Educating Underrepresented Students

(Hosted by: HBCU-General Education Alliance, Inc.)

The Executive Committee of the HBCU-General Education Alliance is announcing a Call for Papers for its Third Annual General Education Alliance Conference, scheduled for May 29-30, 2013, at the Downtown Sheraton in Raleigh, North Carolina. The 2013 conference will continue discussions from its 2012 Conference on the role of the nation, academy, and community in improving education for underrepresented students. Intentionally included in conversations this year will be the ESEA Reauthorization.

Included at the 2013 Conference will be a pre-conference workshop; plenary sessions with opening remarks from national leadership and members of the academy and community; displays; and book signings by professionals on student behavior and achievement.

Also provided will be concurrent sessions, and papers are being solicited for the following topics:

* What should No Child Left Behind mean to the
underrepresented community?
* What will new reforms in elementary and secondary
classrooms mean for General Education of higher
* Accounts of teaching underrepresented students
* Imaging Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois in
dialogue in the 21st Century on educating African
* Blueprints for teaching critical thinking, math,
and/or writing to the underprepared OR gifted learner
* Presentation of findings from research studies of
miniority student enrollment, retention, and/or
graduation rates
* Strategies and best practices for teaching and
learning in the 21st Century classroom
* Institutional progress on enrollment management,
consistent improvement of retention and graduation

ABSTRACTS are being accepted for any of the above topics as follows:
* Title
* Explanation of position in no more than 100 words

FORWARD abstracts to the following:
Immediate replies will follow.

Founded by faculty and administrators with decades of experience researching, educating, and training minority students, the HBCU-General Education Alliance, Inc is a non-profit organization devoted to engaging the academy and community in discussions and actions that will promote quality education for ALL students, especially, however, underprepared and underrepresented students.