Generic Orwell: Between Fiction and Nonfiction--SAMLA 2013 (Atlanta, November 8-10)

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SAMLA--South Atlantic Modern Language Association
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Generic Orwell: Between Fiction and Nonfiction

Orwell's importance as a modern British writer stems in large part from his ability to write compellingly in multiple genres, most especially in fictional novels and nonfictional works. It is also true that Orwell's writing in one genre evinces qualities of the other—that is, his fiction has nonfictional and even polemical qualities and his nonfiction has fictional or 'literary' qualities. This panel invites papers that examine Orwell in terms of genre, especially via the inter-relation between the fictional/literary and the nonfictional. Topics considered could be, but are not limited to:
--What are the 'literary' qualities of Orwell's nonfiction, and how do they impact those texts?
--Can we reconcile Orwell as apostle of clear writing and often misunderstood satirist?
--What are the relative qualities and merits of Orwell's fiction and nonfiction of the 1930s?
--How might Orwell's late fiction relate to modernist fiction?
--The Birth of the Author: which genre is quintessential Orwell?
--Does 'creative nonfiction' adequately describe Orwell's essays and nonfictional books?

Please send 250-300 word abstracts and a brief CV by May 25, 2013 to Douglas Higbee, University of South Carolina, Aiken, at