2nd Global Conference: Hollywood and the World (November 2013: Athens, Greece)

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Dr. Rob Fisher/ Inter-Disciplinary.Net

2nd Global Conference
Hollywood and the World

Sunday 10th November 2013 – Tuesday 12th November 2013
Athens, Greece

Call for Presentations
The popularity in Western culture of all things Hollywood reflects the eternal fascination with the world of Hollywood cinema. This inter-disciplinary research conference seeks to explore issues of Hollywood films and their international influence across historical periods and within cultural, political and social contexts both in the US and abroad. We are also interested in exploring this cinema in personal experience and interpersonal relationships and across a range of critical perspectives.

Seeking to encourage innovative inter-, multi- and post-disciplinary dialogues, we warmly welcome papers from all disciplines, professions and vocations which illustrate both traditional and newer, under-explored directions into which the Hollywood film extends from its beginnings to contemporary offerings in North America and internationally. Potential categories include but are not limited to:

Presentations, performances, papers, art-pieces, workshops, and pre-formed panels are invited on any of the following themes:

-Silent cinema
-Hollywood history
-The major and minor studios
-Representations of minorities and ethnicities
-The Golden Era of Hollywood from 1930 to 1960
-Hollywood/International remakes and adaptations
-International Actors/Directors/Writers/Producers in Hollywood
-"Noir" style and its continuing popularity
-Hollywood auteurs, and their influence internationally
-Horror and its growing legitimacy
-The Hollywood rom-com
-International co-productions
-Star studies
-Wartime cinema and propaganda
-American ideologies in Hollywood cinema
-Genre studies
-The rise of independent cinema
-Production histories
-Advertising, media representations and manipulations, and product licensure
-The 1940s "Red Scare," HUAC, and the blacklist
-Gender limitations, expectations, and liminalities
-LGBT representations
-Mise-en-scene in Hollywood films (to include music, art direction, costuming, etc.)
-Red carpet fashion
-Economics of filmmaking (including but not limited to international/foreign trade agreements, quotas, tariffs, and historical elements such as vertical integration, distribution monopolies, etc.)
-Legal frameworks
-Hollywood's visions of the world vs. the world's visions of Hollywood
-Historical representations and reconfigurations
-Hollywood as simulacra
-Hollywood and tourism
-Hollywood and politics
-Hollywood and scandal, gossip, and resultant media
-Regulation and censorship
-Hollywood and nostalgia (i.e. recollections and representations)

Papers will be considered on any related theme. 300 word abstracts should be submitted by Friday 14th June 2013. If an abstract is accepted for the conference, a full draft paper should be submitted by Friday 13th September 2013.

What to Send:
300 word abstracts or presentation proposals should be submitted simultaneously to both Organising Chairs by Friday 13th September 2013 abstracts may be in Word, WordPerfect, or RTF formats with the following information and in this order:

a) author(s), b) affiliation, c) email address, d) title of abstract, e) body of abstract.
E-mails should be entitled: HW2 Abstract Submission.

Please use plain text (Times Roman 12) and abstain from using footnotes and any special formatting, characters or emphasis (such as bold, italics or underline). We acknowledge receipt and answer to all paper proposals submitted. If you do not receive a reply from us in a week you should assume we did not receive your proposal; it might be lost in cyberspace! We suggest, then, to look for an alternative electronic route or resend.

Organising Chairs

Victoria Amador: vamador@aus.edu
Rob Fisher: hw2@inter-disciplinary.net

The conference is part of the Diversity and Recognition programme of research projects. It aims to bring together people from different areas and interests to share ideas and explore various discussions which are innovative and exciting.

For further details of the conference, please visit:

Please note: Inter-Disciplinary.Net is a not-for-profit network and we are not in a position to be able to assist with conference travel or subsistence.