ICBED-2014 (New York-USA): International Conference on Business and Economic Development

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Academy of Business and Retail management
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The Academy of Business & Retail Management is proud to have an established record to organising and managing international academic conferences. Please join us for one of our annual conferences in location given below. All our Conference seek to elucidate a wealth of issues in all aspects of business management, health and social care sciences, management education, teaching and learning methodologies and many more.. Contributions should therefore be of interest to scholars, practitioners and researchers in management in both developed and developing countries targeting a worldwide readership.
All our conferences offer various tracks which include: The Finance, Accounting and Organisational structure, The Growth and Economic Development, the Globalisation and International Trade, Education and teaching for the Life Long Learning Sector, The HRM, Marketing & Information Technology, Health and Social care Management, Science and Engineering
Authors are invited to submit their original research papers, case study, review, work in progress, reports, abstract, students' papers or research proposals within the broad scope of each conference. Author's submission will be published in both the conference proceeding under The Business & Management Review (Printed copy) and online.

For further details about our conferences and our academic journals, please visit our website on www.abrmr.com or send us an email on editor@abrmr.com.
London, UK (Summer Conference)
International Conference of Restructuring of the Global Economy (ROGE-2013)
24th -25th June 2013. Please click here.

Paris, France
International Academic Conference (IACP-2013)
6th -7th August 2013. Please click here.

London, UK (Winter Conference)
International Trade and Academic Research Conference (ITARC-2013)
4th – 5th November 2013. Please click here

Dubai, UAE
International Academic Conference (IACD-2014)
20-21st January 2014. Please click here.

New York, NY. (USA)
International Conference on Business and Economic Development (ICBED-2014)
24th -25th March 2014. Please click here.

Journal of Business & Retail Management Research (JBRMR)
JBRMR is a scholar and referred journal that provides as authoritative source of information for scholars, academics and professionals in the fields of business and retail management. For further information please visit at www.jbrmr.com

The International Journal of Business and Economic Development (IJBED)
IJBED`s mission is to promote and publish research inquiring into the behaviour of business , their ways of upgrading themselves in response to changes in the environment and the way the policy framework is being developed to encourage them to expand in a rational manner.

Globalisation Revisited: A Global Phenomenon under the Microscope
Globalisation has become one of the watchwords of the latter Twentieth and early Twentieth First century. Whilst globalisation is written and talked about in a general sense this book seeks to take stock and reflect on the `era of globalisation' through a series of regional case studies aimed at elucidating examples of globalisation in action. The book will begin with an attempt to define 'globalisation' as well as to give a brief history of the theoretical nature of globalisation along with schools of thought about the nature and purpose of the topic. It will also present a brief explanation of how globalisation itself has inadvertently assisted those individuals and organisations who are committed to containing or curtailing that which they refer to as globalisation.

ABRM announces a Call for Papers for the publication of a book entitled Globalisation Revisited: A global phenomenon under the microscope to be edited by Professor P.R.Banerjee and Dr P.R.Datta. Interested authors are invited to contribute chapter(s) in the book. For further details please click here