Scary Stuff: Pedagogy of Horror (edited collection of essays on teaching the horror genre) 7/15/13

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Frances Auld and Douglas Ford
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Scary Stuff: Pedagogy of Horror is a collection of essays exploring both pedagogical theories and practices of teaching the horror genre. Essays may speak to fiction or film and should have a length of 3,500-5000 words including MLA format end citation. Send a 500 word abstract or completed essay to
In a popular culture environment saturated with horror and a real world environment negotiating acts of atrocity on a regular basis, how does the horror genre fit into the college classroom? This collection explores the richness, creativity, and problems of using this genre in humanities classes, as well as the use of horror texts to teach interdisciplinary coursework. We will explore how horror fiction and film are currently being used in literature, writing, or film classes in order to teach foundational concepts in these disciplines. Essays will examine the value (or lack thereof) that students and the academy assign to this genre's visual and written texts.
This collection will be edited by Assistant Professor Frances Auld of the University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County and Professor Douglas Ford of the State College of Florida-Manatee. Deadline for submissions is 7/15/13.