NeMLA - WGS cfp (09/30/13; 04/3-6/14)

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Women's and Gender Studies Caucus of the Northeast Modern Language Association
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NeMLA 2014 Convention
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, April 3-6, 2014

Women's and Gender Studies Caucus cfp

The following pre-approved panels welcome submissions. Please go to:
for panel descriptions and contact information as well as for cfps cross-listed with WGS.

1. 'Wet Theory': Creative Writing as Lever in Feminist and Queer Criticism (Roundtable)
2. The Adolescent Girl in Early 20th Century American Women's Writing (Seminar)
3. Beyond the Bedside: Nursing Narratives of World War I and World War II
4. Changing Rape Culture through Literature (Roundtable)
5. Cities of Protest, Cities of Collaboration
6. Civil Rights Discourse in Post-Stonewall LGBTQ Texts
7. Comically Queer
8. De-Naturalising Maternal Desire: Narratives of Abortion, Adoption and Surrogacy
9. Death, Gender, and Genre: On Women and Elegy
10. Engineering the Body in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
11. Fairy Tale in Contemporary Women's Literature
12. Feminist Views of Masculinities
13. Forces of Nature: Liberating Women in the Middle Ages
14. Girls After the Apocalypse
15. The Gothic Body: The Physical Depiction of the Female Gothic
16. Irish and Indian-Anglophone Writing in a Transnational Feminism
17. Jewish Women Writers: Witnesses to Injustice
18. The Maid of Orleans: Inspired Leader, Protofeminist, and Cultural Icon (Seminar)
19. Monstrous Maternity: Mothering Monsters, and Monsters as Mothers
20. Pro-Indigenous Feminisms, Communal Autobiography and Water
21. Sorceresses and Witches: Enchanting Women on and off the Renaissance Stage
22. What's Queer about Musical Theatre? (Seminar)
23. Women in Scandinavian Plays
24. Women Writing War
25. Women's Education and the Rhetoric of Sexual Reformation
26. Co-sponsored by NeMLA WGSC and Feministas Unidas: Interpretations of Alternatively-abled Women in the Spanish-speaking World (see under Spanish/Portguese)

The full convention call is at:

Deadline for most papers is September 30th through the online submission process.