Journal of Surrealism and the Americas CFP: Latin America Issue, 10/1/13

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Journal of Surrealism and the Americas
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Call for Papers, Latin America Issue

The editors announce a call for papers for an issue on Latin America.

This issue explores what has often been described as Surrealism's "tense relationship" with Latin America. To what extent did Latin American literature and art embrace Surrealism's "other dimension of reality"? Rather than viewing Latin American Surrealism as an extension or rejection of a European progenitor, we seek essays that shed new light on surrealist thinking by Latin American artists and writers. How did Surrealism's modernist stylistics present a more poetic, abstract alternative to Social Realism—one that appealed to a significant cosmopolitan constituency in Latin America? How might we think anew about the political dimensions of Latin American artists' and writers' engagement with the surrealist project? And in this context, to what extent did Latin American artists subscribe to the "revolutionary potential" claimed by Surrealism? How might the diverse practices of Latin American artists and writers be seen as dialectical, simultaneously embracing European surrealist theory and philosophy while also mounting resistance to or even transforming it? New considerations of established figures such as Matta, Lam, Carrington, Paalen, and Varo are encouraged—but we especially welcome papers that reassess the relationship of Surrealism and the Americas by means of under-explored figures or artists' groups from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Haiti, and Cuba.

Foreign language contributions (in French, German and Spanish) are accepted, but we require a two-page, single-spaced English language abstract with any foreign language submission.

Feature articles should be from 8,000 to 10,000 words and double-spaced (including endnotes). All submissions should conform to Chicago Manual of Style format. Please include a short biography at the beginning of your essay/submission (250 words maximum). English-language feature articles should also be accompanied by a 250-word abstract.

Deadline for submissions is October 1, 2013. 
You must register on the JSA website ( as an "author" in order to submit feature articles. Detailed guidelines for authors, as well as our images guidelines, are available on the JSA website. We do not accept unsolicited reviews.

Claudia Mesch
Editor, JSA
Arizona State University