UPDATE - Situating Gender, Filming Place (SCMS, Seattle, March 19-24, 2014)

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Society for Cinema and Media Studies

This panel seeks a diverse range of papers that address the many intersections and problematics of gender, place, and space in film and television. Places and spaces are sexed and gendered, as feminist geographers have asserted for some time (i.e., Linda McDowell, Doreen Massey, Gill Valentine). We seek papers that consider how cinematic space and/or images of place mediate discourses of gender. The meanings of gender and sexuality are frequently constituted through representations of place and space in film and TV. Papers might consider the filmic or televisual representation of masculine spaces, feminine spaces, or queer spaces; spaces such as the home, the office, the apartment, the church, the urban, the rural, the suburban and the range of ways these spaces/places are filmed to produce, reflect, and refract gender and sexuality. Papers that explore the critical intersections of theories of space, cinema, and feminist theory are also welcome. Issues of intersectionality— how gender is crossed by race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, nationality and regional identities—are especially encouraged.

Please send 300 word abstract and short bio by AUGUST 1 to Theresa L. Geller (gellertl@grinnell.edu) and Pamela Robertson Wojcik (Pamela.Wojcik.5@nd.edu)