[UPDATE] War and/in American Periodicals (ALA Symposium; Oct. 10-12)

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Jim Berkey
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CFP: War and/in American Periodicals (ALA Symposium; deadline 07/12/13)

Call for Papers for a panel at the American Literature Association's Symposium on "War and American Literature," October 10-12, 2013, New Orleans

Since at least the middle of the nineteenth century, American wars have spawned an outpouring of print, as war correspondents have tirelessly competed to report breaking news from the war front; as writers have fought over war's meaning in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, periodicals, and other print forms; and as soldiers have found their own voice in diverse formats from military papers like Stars and Stripes during WWI to dissident underground GI papers during the Vietnam War. As spaces of dialogue and dissent, American periodicals have played a formative role in the negotiation of war's meaning in American culture. This panel seeks 15-20 minute papers addressing any aspect of the relationship between war and American periodicals for the American Literature Association's Symposium on "War and American Literature" in New Orleans, October 10-12, 2013. Topics could include: seriality and war; the rise of the war correspondent; representations of war by war correspondents; soldier newspapers from the Civil War to Vietnam; trench journalism; fictional representations of war in periodicals; periodicals as spaces for dialogue and dissent about war; anti-war publications; the imagined communities of wartime America; the influence of periodicals on classic war texts (e.g., Century Magazine and Stephen Crane); literary style and war correspondence; war poetry and print culture; etc. By July 12, please email 300-word abstract and C.V. to Jim Berkey, Duke University, james.berkey@duke.edu. For information about the ALA symposium, visit http://www.calstatela.edu/academic/english/ala2/ALA%20CFP%20New%20Orlean....