Science and Magic in Lawman and in the Brut Tradition (9/15; Kalamazoo, 5/8-11, 2014)

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International Lawman's Brut Society
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This session engages recent scholarship on magic and science (or natural philosophy) in the Brut, as well as in the wider Brut tradition, including work on astronomy and on the Merlinian prophecies. As evidence points to Lawman's participation in the intellectual, philosophical, and theological currents of late twelfth/early thirteenth-century England, the session invites proposals on topics related to science and magic--broadly conceived--in Lawman and in analogous Brut texts. The session allows for a wide range of potential topics, including prophecy, demonology, astronomy, medicine, alchemy, the bestiary, dream theory, the miraculous, Welsh magical traditions, and other references to the natural and preternatural worlds. Inclusion of other texts in the Brut tradition allows for discussion of Lawman in broader historiographic and literary contexts. Thus, proposals discussing how Lawman differs from Wace or Geoffrey and/or from other Brut texts in his treatment of these topics are also welcome.

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Kenneth TIller
Professor of English
Department of Language and Literature
University of Virginia's College at Wise
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