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Observatorio das Migracoes - Cape Verde

The Migration Observatory project, under the Cape Verdean Ministry of Communities, was funded by the ECOWAS / Spain on Migration and Development, it aims to create a dynamic and integrated platform for the collection, processing, production and dissemination of data - statistical and qualitative - encompassing all institutions linked to the theme of migration, providing data for policy makers, civil society organizations and the academic community.
The Migration Observatory is preparing to publish (2) magazines that will disseminate research on migration, especially in the ECOWAS and South-South migration, meant for policy makers, civil society organizations and the academic community, therefore we invite interested parties to participate with scientific articles in the following areas:
1. Remittances and development
2. Integration and its challenges
3. Identity in the migration context
4. Emigrants' Investment
5. Borders and Migration
6. Migration Projects: impacts and future
Submission of papers
• Abstract should have a minimum of 10 lines and displayed on the first page of the article;
• Articles should contain at least 10 pages or close to 4,600 words, and a maximum of 25 pages, approximately 11,500 words (excluding abstract and bibliography);
• Papers should be sent in. doc or. docx and contain the following formatting:
Font of Times New Roman;
Size 12;
Spacing 1.5;
• Papers can be in English, French and or Portuguese
• There is no limit on the number of articles by authors;
• The inclusion of material subject to copyright is the responsibility of the authors, who will obtain the necessary permissions for publication;
A title page should be sent, containing the article title, authors' names and professional affiliation, educational titles, mailing address, phone and email and thematic area of work;
• Articles should be sent by email to: Paulina.Teixeira@mdc.gov.cv ;

Important Dates:
Date Submitted: August 5, 2013
Notification of acceptance: August 23, 2013
Final version submission: September 2, 2013
Publication Magazine No. 1: September 2013
Item selection will be made by the Advisory Board, based on the scientific merit of the work.