[UPDATE] Green Humanities--Inaugural Call for Papers & Poems

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Green Humanities: A Journal of Ecological Thought in Literature, Philosophy & the Arts
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Eco-Gencies: Eco-Critical Responses to Contemporary Environmental Crises

Call for Papers:
Putting the Humanities on the Frontlines of Ecological Discourse…

Green Humanities, a new peer-reviewed online journal of ecological thought in literature, philosophy & the arts seeks papers of approximately 15 to 25 pages (≈4,500 to 7,500 words) that illuminate, examine, analyze and criticize the role of the humanities in responding to, and ultimately addressing, one or more of the environmental crises that we face today. While the subject of study may be from another era, this issue will showcase papers that explicitly seek to show how study in the humanities may shape, suggest or even demand certain responses to the ecological challenges we face today.

Possible Topics Include:
>Literature as a propaedeutic to environmental ethics and eco-spirituality
>Philosophy and a considered response to environmental destruction and degradation
>Ecological literature and art as a prod to environmentalist activism
>Blue ecocritical approaches
>Alternative eco-critique and new methodologies
>Literature and art as embodiment and performance of environmental consciousness and trauma
>Linguistics and environmental destruction
>Global food studies, genetic modification, and sustainability

Call for Poems:
We seek poems of approximately 10-40 lines that, like the papers we seek, are oriented toward responding to, and ultimately addressing, one or more of the environmental crises that we face today. This issue will showcase poems that enact what our call for papers names "eco-gency": responsiveness to and responsibility toward contemporary environmental challenges.

Submissions due by: 3 September 2013
Citations and endnotes in MLA style.

Please send all files by email in MS Word or Rich-Text format (‾.doc, ‾.docx, ‾.rtf)
For papers, please send submissions to either Co-Editor, Peter Schulman , or Josh Weinstein
For poetry submissions, please send to Poetry Editor H.L. Hix
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