1st International "Liberal Arts at Sapir" Conference

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Dept. of Multi Disciplinary Studies, Sapir Academic College, Israel
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Borders are dangerous, hesitant, unstable, and yet, opportunities for co-existence. Borders are narrow and therefore inhabitable; one can turn back to revisit the familiar or push forward into unexplored terrains. Borders transform and reassemble identities; they define and disengage, untie and unite.
This conference sets out to explore the concepts of border, limit and threshold within and between disciplines, theoretical approaches and methodologies in the humanities and social sciences. Fields/areas of research and topics include, but are not limited to:
Crossing literal and figurative boundaries
Hybridity, liminality, and intertexuality
Adaptation and Appropriation
Queer Theory
Post-Colonialism and cultural studies
Pop Culture
Gender, race, class, and politics
The space between good and evil The necessity of borders; when and why they are crossed
How do geographical borders signify cultural diversity
Borders and privacy
Borders and social taboos
The meaning of "border" in the Internet age
Representations of "borders" in literature, theatre, film and media
Limitations of the subjective: criticism and theory
Temporary vs permanent borders