Undergraduate Refereed Journal Needs Reviewers

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Queen City Writers, University of Cincinnati
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Queen City Writers is a refereed journal that publishes essays and multimedia work by undergraduate students affiliated with any post-secondary institution. We seek faculty reviewers to complement our current staff. Graduate students, contingent faculty, and tenured faculty are welcome. Reviewers for our journal need two characteristics: 1. A commitment to undergraduate writing, digital composing, and publication; 2. A professionalism that means submitting thorough reviews that meet our journal's guidelines by deadlines. We ask that our reviewers offer rigorous feedback aimed at facilitating publication-quality work, but also show sensitivity and an encouraging attitude toward undergraduate (and inexperienced) writers.

Our reviewers are generally asked to complete one to three reviews (of two pages or less) per academic year. You will be provided with peer review guidelines, and you will have constant access to editors if you have questions. We operate on a rolling deadline basis, so we review submissions year-round. Our three reviewed sections include Inquiry, critical essays informed by research; Multimedia, video, audio, or mixed media pieces accompanied by an artist's statement; and Storming the Gate, essays by first-year writers in any discipline. We also publish reviews; snapshots of writers and/or their experiences; and responses to work in current issues. We publish thought-provoking pieces from any disciplinary perspective that explore questions and problems related to writing, rhetoric, reading, literacy, popular culture and media, community discourses, and multimodal and digital composing. Please note that we do not publish creative writing, including poetry.

For a full explanation of our focus, mission, and submission guidelines, and to see the work that we have published in our first two issues, please see us at http://qc-writers.com/. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for Queen City Writers journal, please send the following information to editors at qcwriters@gmail.com: your name, college or university affiliation, email address(s), and indicate your expertise in any or all of these areas – rhetorical theory, literacy studies, community-based research, writing practices, writing research, reading practices, theories of reading, reading research, popular culture, media studies, comparative media studies, multimodal composition, and digital media.