Visions of Texts: Representations of Textual Symbols, Images, and Motifs

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California State University, Fullerton's Sigma Tau Delta

California State University, Fullerton's Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society invites all submissions—from all disciplines—to this year's Far Western Regional Conference on November 15th and 16th.

Traditional symbols and images repeat themselves over time and across disciplines, playing a huge role in all types of texts, be it Gatsby's Green Light, the Ice King's Crown, or Harry Potter's Scar. Even translations and adaptations create visual representations of texts that alter or completely change the original text's meaning, leaving a new vision and understanding of the text in its place. This conference seeks to explore the use and meaning of such symbols, motifs, or images, as well as adaptations, translations, or representations as they occur in all forms of texts, including (but not limited to) literature, graphic novels, movies, videogames, and television.

Abstracts for the conference should discuss how visual representations, adaptations, or symbols function in a text, what they represent or mean, or how they function intertextually. We are accepting both paper and panel presentation proposals.

Please send submissions as an attachment to by October 25th and include your name, university affiliation, and academic standing (undergraduate, graduate, PhD student, or independent scholar). Proposals should be 250-500 words.

Possible topics for the conference could include:

-Translations of Texts to, or from, English
-Portrayal of Women in Video Games
-Focus of a Symbol in a Text
-The Meaningful Effect of Translations
-Acting Afro: Bigotry in Movies
-Patriotism and Xenophilia in Video Games
-Phallic Representations
-Imagined Reality in Reality Television
-Adaptations of Texts through Various Media

*Feel free to contact Sigma Tau Delta president, Sierra Tavasolian at, if you have any additional questions or concerns.