M/C -- "Augment" - abstracts due Aug 1, 2013

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M/C - Media and Culture

Upcoming issue of M/C - Media and Culture (2013)

Edited by Rebecca Caines and Michelle Stewart

Contemporary lives are increasingly saturated with the promise of
technological enhancement—augmentation. Whether medically-enhanced
"cyborg" bodies, AR glasses, new surveillance and crowdsourcing tools,
locative media on mobile phones and gaming consoles, wearable
technologies, or immersive third spaces, augmentation is often
entangled in discourses of supplement and improvement. Yet
augmentation is also contradictory, the logic of technological
perfection co-existing with the perception of weakness or a lack. And
so from within this messy space of technologies, bodies and spaces,
failure is both generative and productive. Always desiring, we create,
enhance, and augment: never satiated, we experiment, refine and
repeat. Somatic and spatial practices collide on the promise of
something more.

In this edition of M/C we seek to bring together theorists,
practitioners and artists to consider the ways in which augmentation
presents itself in the world and in their work. We welcome critical
engagement with the philosophical, ethical and cultural implications
of the augmented, cyborg and prosthetic body; interrogations of the
layered information space of AR, critical reviews of augmented spatial
practices; and explorations of the ways in which augmented media
intersects with contemporary anxieties around power and statecraft.
What is at stake when one engages in augmentation? Who/what pays the
price when it falters, miscarries, or backfires? Which actors are
engaged—or enrolled—in the practice? Which subjects are left
vulnerable? We are particularly interested in cross-disciplinary
investigations, mapping the points of connection and disruption in the
application, reception and analysis of augmentation. We call upon our
colleagues to discuss their forays into landscapes of prosthetics and
cameras, Arduinos and QR codes, immersive zones and simulations, all
the while collaborating with humans, cyborgs and nonhumans along the

Prospective authors wishing to contribute to 'augment' should send a
250 word abstract, together with a brief biography, including any
institutional or organizational affiliation, to the Editors at
augment@journal.media-culture.org.au by August 1, 2013.

For authors invited to submit, the deadlines will be as follows –

Article deadline: October 11, 2013

Release date: December 11, 2013

Editorial enquires can be directed to Rebecca Caines and Michelle Stewart


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