Poe & Capitals/Poe as Capital (ACLA at New York University, March 2014; abstracts due Nov. 1)

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Emron Esplin, Brigham Young University; Scott Peeples, College of Charleston
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Poe & Capitals/Poe as Capital

Few U.S. writers have had as widespread or as long-lasting an influence on world literature as Edgar Allan Poe, and this influence is both connected to and evidenced in Poe's presence in capitals of various sorts. Poe lived and wrote in the cultural and print capitals of New York and Philadelphia; he was raised in Richmond, the eventual capital of the Confederate States of America; and he has been a defining literary figure in world capitals from Paris to Buenos Aires. At home and abroad, Poe's literary corpus wields both popular and scholarly capital. "Poe & Capitals/Poe as Capital" hopes to continue the conversations about Poe's place in U.S. and world literary traditions that have taken place in Poe-focused seminars at three of the last four annual ACLA meetings. We define "capital(s)" broadly and are interested both in papers that specifically approach Poe and capitals and in papers that demonstrate Poe's literary capital.

Paper topics could include:
*Discussions of Poe's relationship with any of the cities in which he lived
*Analyses of Poe's influence on literature, philosophy, critical discourse, or popular culture in any national or cultural capital
*Comparative readings of Poe alongside various world writers
*Examinations of Poe translations in any language and/or comparisons of translations of Poe

The annual meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) will be held from March 20-23 at New York University. ACLA's annual convention uses a seminar format in which 8-12 participants meet together for 2-3 days to share their papers. To submit a paper, go to the ACLA website at www.acla.org, click on the New York University (2014) link under ACLA Annual Meeting, click on "Propose a Paper," click on "Submit a Paper Proposal," then fill out the proposal form and make sure to select "Poe & Capitals/Poe as Capital" in the Seminar drop box. The deadline for submissions is November 1.

If you have questions about this seminar, feel free to email us directly at emron_esplin@byu.edu and PeeplesS@cofc.edu.