CFP: Textual Overtures 2014 issue, "The Body"

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Textual Overtures

Textual Overtures is currently accepting submissions for its 2014 issue under the theme of "Bodies". We invite papers to address this topic from creative perspectives, including bodies of text, bodies of work, the human and non-human body, and so on. We value innovative and inventive interpretation of both subject matter and presentation, and welcome work that embraces digital media, including multimodal and hyperlinked work. We accept work from both Literature and Rhetoric & Composition disciplines.

A graduate-only, open-access journal, Textual Overtures is committed to the goal of providing emerging scholars a venue to network, present their scholarship, and share inspired approaches to pedagogy, criticism, and composition. The journal offers a unique opportunity for graduate students to develop a publishing identity grounded in new techniques and approaches to writing.

Author(s) may submit MS Word attachments to following MLA style guidelines. Please include a brief biography with your submission, including University affiliation and field(s) of study. All queries may be directed to Visit our website at, or find us on Facebook at

Submission deadline is 28 February 2014.