Environmental Unlikeness: Ecology and Nature in the Humanities

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St. John's University

Abstract Deadline: February 14th

The St. John's English Graduate Conference is proud to announce its keynote speakers: Jamie "Skye" Bianco, New York University, Karl Steel, Brooklyn College, CUNY Grad Center and Steve Mentz, St. John's University

The ever-growing awareness of an imminent environmental catastrophe has affected all aspects of human life, including the production of writing. Literary studies has a long and venerable tradition of exploring the various ways writers have described the relation of humanity to the natural world, and this concern has been made more urgent by the development of an ecological consciousness. While we encourage submission of analyses of the various ways the ecological crisis has impacted writing generally, both in theory and in practice, the theme of this year's conference is broad: nature, ecology, and writing. Thus, we also invite traditional critiques of the theme of nature in literature and encourage participants to explore the terms "nature" and "ecology." How do concepts such as nature and environment affect and create our classrooms and pedagogy? Are terms such as "nature" socially constructed and further reproduce artificial binaries and hegemonic discourse? Do the forces of the outside world play a factor in the forms of written works? We invite all papers that explore the concepts nature, ecology, and writing and take up the importance of these ideas within the academy and beyond.

Multimedia will be available for Power Point presentations, music, or video. Abstracts (250 words or less) are due by February 14th, 2014. Please include your contact information and affiliation in your email and attach your abstract as a PDF or MS word attachment. If submitting a panel, please include contact information for all panelists in the email, and attach an abstract for each individual paper as well as an abstract and title for the panel itself. You will receive notice via email by March 7th. Please send abstracts to: sju.grad.conference2014@gmail.com. Please feel free to forward this to any other possibly interested parties.