Course-Embedded Writing Support Programs in Writing Centers

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Praxis: A Writing Center Journal

Call for Proposals
Fall 2014 Special Issue of
Praxis: A Writing Center Journal

Theme: Course-Embedded Writing Support Programs in Writing Centers

Guest Edited by:
Russell Carpenter, Scott Whiddon, and Kevin Dvorak

Course-embedded writing support programs have existed since the development of the Brown University model in the 1980s. While scholars such as Carol Severino, Brad Hughes, Jill Gladstein, and others have charted the development of embedded tutoring pedagogy, programming, and models, there is still much to be considered when connecting writing centers to specific courses. Writing centers have traditionally used course-embedded models to play a valuable role in WAC/WID efforts; however, they can also support first-year and developmental writing courses, providing unique professionalization opportunities for embedded tutors/fellows, faculty, and programs. Writing centers should carefully consider how such collaborations between select courses, embedded tutors, and writing programs can (or should) be developed, assessed, and re-envisioned, especially in light of faculty development, student-writing growth, and disciplinary knowledge.

This special issue will examine the models, relationships, and structures of course-embedded writing support initiatives within writing centers. We invite submissions that consider the theories, practices, and configurations of course-embedded programs. We also invite undergraduate and graduate students to explore and theorize their own experiences with such programs. Submissions might consider but are not limited to:

● How do institutional contexts situate, enhance, or complicate the implementation of different course-embedded writing support program models?
● How do writing centers assess course-embedded programs, and how might assessments reflect best practices and writing center values?
● How do writing centers make the labor of establishing and maintaining such programs more visible to stakeholders and administrators?
● How do writing centers develop scholarly practices for course-embedded tutors, and in what ways do embedded tutors benefit from their experiences?
● What's the next step in developing course-embedded writing support programs?

Proposal length: 500 words
Deadline for proposal submissions: June 30, 2014

Please send proposals and questions to,, and/or