Call for Surreal Fiction (Deadline July 10, 2014) $50 Honorarium

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Blank Fiction Magazine

Blank Fiction is calling for Surreal Fiction. We're looking for stories that blur the lines between dream and reality, devise a narrative out of an idea or concept, and/or create strange creatures from everyday objects. Send us work that challenges accepted social customs and structures and free us from this "false rationality" in which we live.

Surrealism presents unnerving and illogical scenes delivered with precision, effectively allowing what seems to be unconscious expression to rise to the surface. However, the element of surprise also plays a large role, so feel free to experiment with the genre and embrace its disdain for established artistic tradition.

Similar and potential crossover genres include Psychedelic Fiction, Magical Realism and Post-Modernism. These genres share a lot of constructs with Surrealism, and we ultimately chose surrealism because it was less restrictive and submissions would be able to incorporate elements of all of these genres.

We reward our authors with a $50 honorarium.

The window for submissions is now open, but it will close July 10, 2014.

We're very excited to read your work!