Suicide deaths in Fars province of Iran between 2007to 2011

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Dr. Esmaeel Haditabar & Fattah Jafarizadeh / Univer sity of Mazandaran
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Background &Aim: Suicide is a conscious attempt to end his life. Evidences suggest that throughout the world nearly one million people die due to suicide each year. The aim of present study is to describe the epidemiological and demographic data of suicide victims and related factors upon in Fars province.
Materials & Methods: In this cross-sectional study, the demographic and epidemiological data of suicide victims during the 5-year period beginning April 2007to March 2011in Fars province by questionnaire were collected. Finally the data have been statistically analyzed.
Finding: The victims were 934cases.The mean and standard deviation of age for the cases was 32/12 ± 81/29 years. 72.5% & 27.3% were men & women respectively. The most common methods of suicide were hanging 472 (5/50%) for men and self burning 103 (16%) for women. Most people 411 cases (44%) in the third decade of life (20 to 29 years) who had committed suicide.The most common etiology (53.5%) was unknown.
Conclusion: Due to the high incidence of suicide in young people and unmarried individuals, authorities need to consider these groups in social planning in Fars province.
Keywords: Suicide, Hanging, Self burning, Fars